6 ways to market your co-working space during the lockdown!

6 ways to market your co-working space during the lockdown

6 ways to market your co-working space during the lockdown!

The journey is yet to start, prior was the trailer…

During the COVID-19 startups, entrepreneurs, space providers all are wondering to change their policies and strategies, with many employees working from home amid indications that significant sections will continue to do so even after the pandemic-induced situations return to normalcy, therefore co-working space providers have to rethink their planning.

Introduction to the changing phase.

After analyzing, this has been observed that small and medium enterprises, which once occupied an entire space to themselves will now seize the opportunity of coworking spaces. Entrepreneurs will want to reform their working conditions to provide more flexibility to their employees than ever before. And hence, they will look for co-working spaces to enhance their productivity and engagement level.

Once the lockdown ends, businesses will also lay more emphasis on cost-optimization plus will love to prefer shared spaces. These workstations are likely to see subdued demand over the next few months.

But what about the strategy to welcome the businesses during the lockdown??? Surely we will discuss it but before let’s observe some effective points.

Coworking spaces are not only the most cost-effective, but also offer flexibility in terms of the time period of the rental agreement.

The coronavirus is certainly not an end to the co-working culture as an entrepreneur would discover the benefits of social gatherings in terms of emotional and intellectual fulfillment for the welfare of overall society.

Reduce the risk and manage the condition.

The fear of exposure to the global pandemic is escalating every passing day. It is well-understood lockdown cannot stay forever but yes a lot of new measures and policies have to be implemented across all work to get hold off the risk of catching the infection, where coworking space providers could provide a wide opportunity.

Just there’s a need to bring in their notice, let’s observe, how???

Some of the factors to bring in the consideration of your clients are:

  • A preferable option.

The community expects to see the fastest revival post lockdown. As the pandemic scare eases out and any businesses look to restart their business-as-usual, co-working spaces will be the first preference.

Moreover, companies could not continue their work from home for a long time as most of them have functions which require a high level of centralized supervision, moving ahead, co-working spaces will need to re-design their workspaces such as more focus on the activity-based working environment.

  • Physical space alteration.

The priority of every business entrepreneur is optimizing their brand with the utmost care and responsibility.

The co-working space providers need to look into many aspects such as seating in offices while maintaining the social distancing, launching shift-based work, virtual meetings, ramp up a hygienic protocol with regular sanitization of premises, and also sanitizing the hands of every member entering the premises.

Some important measures include staggered meal timings with seating demarcation, adequate space between workstations, restrictions of gatherings in common areas, drawing boxes on the floor inside the lifts, and many more…

  • Role of technologies.

Think about common touchpoints throughout your workplace, ask your clients to keep the paper rolls in order to use while touching the technological machine. Are you offering your clients to use an iPad where people sign in? If so, you might want to consider asking to wipe the surface before and after they touch.

Some additional points to consider:

  1. Limit the number of people to use the lift
  2. Implement floor markings throughout the space so that people find it easier to adhere to the six feet rule
  3. Evaluate whether you need to restructure some of your communal areas
  4. If allowed by your space and layout, consider implementing one-way hallways
  • Revamp your cleaning protocols.

Well...new cleaning protocols will be needed to establish in your space. Start using new disinfectant technologies such as UV lights, ionization, and nano-tech coatings. 94% of respondents said it would feel safer.

Traditionally, cleaning used to be something that happened in the background but due to the threatening disease, this practice needs some changes. Visible cleaning could help members feel safer and more comfortable in the flexible workspace.

  • Plan for a worst-case scenario.

Being a service provider you require to keep in mind if someone tests positive for the virus, you’ll need to get in touch with local authorities.

Before opening the door to your clients and staff, you need to ensure that you have a protocol for someone who tests positive for COVID-19.

Additional considerations are:

  1. Mandatory use of masks
  2. Temperature check upon the entrance
  3. Consider having special accommodation for the members those who’re suffering from any medical emergency
  4. Examine your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system effectively
  • Physical distancing.

87% of the respondents felt that increased boundaries between desks would make them feel safer, to this points co-working space providers might want to space out chairs in shared areas to allow for 6 feet distance, add more private spaces also convert meeting rooms into private offices for the sake of satisfaction.

Moreover, get a certificate stating that measures have been taken to implement a virus-safe working environment.

The level of comfortability offered by the space providers to new startups, freelancers, or successful entrepreneurs, more likely they’ll attract to the official workstations to get served with the utmost hygienic care.

“Adopt the changes requires during the crucial time to enhance the adaptability of your cowering spaces”.

Final observation!

Around the world, businesses are starting to slowly reopen and welcome back into the workplace. None of the crucial phases could stop an entrepreneur to work, the dedicated person cannot sit at home for a long time therefore for sure in order to reduce the financial burden approximately 75% of employees will hire effective workstations to boost their sales and revenue.

During the lockdown, there’s a requirement to get in changes that are constant for future growth. Never ever let yourself down, instead, observe the above-quoted key points to stimulate the interest of the clients to your workstations. State your stand out necessary amenities and feed the clients in your best way.